What's Wrong with Your Patio or Deck?

"It’s way too hot on my deck."

With our intense Colorado sunshine radiating off your house’s siding, it’s not surprising that the deck is hot. However, an abundance of healthy greenery in container gardens will naturally lower the ambient temperature. A simple market umbrella can create enough shade for a pleasant sitting area.

"When I’m outside, I feel like everyone's watching me."

Fort Collins’ higher density building requirements, combined with the layout of our streets, might make your patio feel more like a stage than a restful terrace. Careful placement of hanging baskets, trellises and outdoor room dividers will screen you from your neighbors and still maintain your patio’s open, fresh-air feeling.

"I’d like to have flowers, but they always die."

There’s no denying that container gardens require maintenance — the watering requirement is particularly demanding. Simplify upkeep with an automated drip irrigation system specifically

designed for your patio container garden. The system runs off of your spigot without compromising the use of the hose. You can even water on the second floor!

"I don’t have time to plant."

As a matter of convenience, Patio Plants Unlimited will handle all the “dirty” work for you setting young, healthy plants directly in your containers. Get personal service and a unique garden for around the same price as pre-made nursery planters.

buttondripperA button dripper is nestled among the flowers

"My patio is too small to be useful."

A comfortable lounge chair, window boxes on the railing and perhaps a small fountain — what more could you want for your rejuvenating retreat? Allow my creative thinking to turn your challenging space into something useful and beautiful.

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