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Stephanie Selig, Owner Patio Plants UnlimitedStephanie Selig
Owner Patio Plants Unlimited
Stephanie Selig is the president and owner of Patio Plants Unlimited founded in 2005. She earned her AAS degree in Horticulture from Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, CO in 2008.

Stephanie is an avid gardener. Frustrated with the area’s heavy clay soil, she found real delight in container gardening. When the family weekend camping trips were really taking a toll on her container gardens, Stephanie solved the problem by researching and installing a drip irrigation system on her patio, giving birth to Patio Plants Unlimited.

Patio Plants Unlimited allows her to share her knowledge of plants and drip irrigation with other Fort Collins residents. With a creative eye for decorating, whether it’s choosing all new furniture or adding decorative details such as a trellis or rug, Stephanie strives to keep the area functional. She works to bring life to a client’s patio– not only plant life, but their own lives as they find themselves enjoying their outdoor room. It's a thrill when a customer sees their improved patio and the vibrant colors and healthy leaves of their stunning patio garden.

Stephanie truly believes your patio should be your own special haven! To ensure satisfaction, Stephanie manages all aspects of customer service from planning to installation.

She can be reached at (970) 988-3808 or

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