Meet My Summer Intern

ChesneyI am excited to have an intern this summer! Her name is Chesney Babbitt and she is currently a student at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona studying Horticulture and Landscape Design. Chesney has worked in various nurseries, both in Arizona and Colorado, and loves to learn anything about plants that she can. Chesney's love of plants was first cultivated by helping her mom plant flowers when she was little; now she has an abundance of house plants in her apartment and grows vegetables in containers on the patio.  She is fascinated by the complexity of each cell in a plant and how each plant grows so differently. Chesney has always had a passion for plants and art, and hopes that a career in Landscape Design will be a good blend of these two passions.

In this photo, Chesney is enjoying our Colorado scenery. She is originally from a little town called Pinetop on the edge of the White Forest in Arizona at an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet. Chesney just laughs when people comment that she must be used to the heat of summer since she's from Arizona. Actually, it's much cooler in Pinetop than it is here, especially this last week!

Chesney started working with me in the middle of the spring planting rush and will continue until August when she returns to school. I am enjoying working with her; she's been invaluable help to me and I appreciate her creative input. 

It's not too late for Spring Planting Service

Sometimes people feel like they missed the proper planting time and decide it's not worth bothering because they're late. When container gardens are well cared for, they will easily last through the end of September. Why pass up on having a beautiful patio for the rest of the summer just because you are running a little bit late?  If you still need plants, please contact me right away.

I continue to offer Landscape Design Services specifically for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Save money by doing the work yourself and enjoy that sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done. Whether you have a new house and need to plan the entire yard or would just like to fix up a trouble spot, contact me to get your plan started!

By the way, if you've misplaced your instruction manual for the hose-end timer, you can find programming instructions on my website.

One last reminder: refer a friend to Patio Plants Unlimited or for landscape design and receive a $25 discount or nursery gift card. 
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For the 2017 gardening season, I'm highlighting flowers and plants of each color of the rainbow. I've highlighted some pink, red and orange flowers, this month I'll cover yellow flowers, and in coming months I'll cover green, blue and purple. 

Color of the Month: Yellow

In containers...
Creeping Zinnia/ Sanvitalia
Although the flowers are tiny - only about 1/2" across - there are an abundance of them. Creeping Zinnia makes a great filler plant.
Pot Marigold / Calendula
The flowers of Calendula are similar to traditional Marigolds. If you find the scent of traditional
Tagetes Marigolds unpleasant, Calendula smells much nicer. Pot Marigolds bloom from June to frost. Removing spent flowers will encourage more blooms.
Creeping Jenny
Creeping Jenny / Moneywort/ 
Lysimachia nummularia

In addition to being a good groundcover vine, Creeping Jenny does well spilling over the edge of containers all summer long. The bright yellow-green leaves add a nice splash of color. The flowers are also yellow, but the bright leaves are the primary attraction of this plant. 
In flower beds...
Stella d'Oro
Stella d'Oro Daylily/ Hemerocallis 
These Daylilies are very popular around town. They have a long bloom time and are low-maintenance. After several years, Daylilies of all types require dividing and supplemental fertilizer. Full sun is also required for a good show of flowers.
Black-eyed Susan
Black-eyed Susan / Rudbeckia  
Sometimes with a dark black center and sometimes with a brown eye, Rudbeckia is a hardy, low water use plant that blooms late in the summer. Black-eyed Susan is also the common name of an annual vine (Thunbergia) which can be confusing. Rudbeckia, the herbaceous perennial grows to be about 18-24" tall on firm, upright stems. On the other hand, Thunbergia will grow to be about 4-5' but the vine isn't winter hardy in our zone. Rudbeckia is thought to be rabbit-resistant, but two years ago the rabbits were so numerous and hungry, they ate all of Black-eyed Susan plants in my yard and I'm quite unhappy about that!
In the yard..
Potentilla/Potentilla fruticosa
This spring blooming shrub has a fine textured gray-green foliage. Some Potentillas have white flowers. There are many plants in the Potentilla genus - varying from this 3-foot tall shrub to a 3-inch tall groundcover plant.
Goldflame Euonymus
Goldflame or Canadale Euonymus
Euonymus are broad-leaf evergreen plants that add color to the landscape in winter. This variety has bright yellow leaf margins and a full, thick branching habit. It grows only 2 to 3 feet tall, does fine in our heavy clay soil with little supplemental water.
Japanese Forest Grass
Japanese Forest Grass /
Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureloa’

The blades of this grass are striped with a bright green, yellow and white stripes. Hakonechloa prefers shade and moist soil.
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